Friday, April 4, 2014

An ONDP-led Coalition at Queen's Park

I'm no fan of Andrea Horwath's extreme right-turn for the party, but it is my opinion that the only reasonable outcome to the gas-plant scandal is an ONDP-led coalition between the ONDP and the OLP. The Ontario Liberals deserve to be punished for their revolting imitation of the harpercons' contempt of Parliament, but this should not be in the form of being replaced by the cretinous and (more importantly) equally contemptuous of democracy Ontario Progressive Conservatives led by Tim Hudak.

I doubt this will happen. We'll most likely get a Hudak minority or another Ontario Liberal minority. Either result will be depressing.


Kev said...

For what it's worth leaked OLP strategy doc shows them to consider the ONDP their real threat in the next election We can only hope they're right.

However I too fear it will be a Hudak minority.

thwap said...

Maddening isn't it?

Our choices are Adam Giambrone's girlfriend.

The contempt of parliament Liberals.

Or the contempt of parliament, incompetent asswhipe cretins of the Hudak Conservatives.

And he's married to Mike Harris's monstrous chief-of-staff Deb Hutton. Just imagine the stammering and drooling and hitting that goes on around THAT family breakfast table!