Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Question For My Liberal Friends

D'you suppose Liberal MPs slobber all over Henry Kissinger because they're ignoramuses and don't know he's a war criminal? Or do you suppose they do know and they like it?

Thursday, October 6, 2016

"Deus Vult"

Back in July, intrigued by whatever mental stew had inspired the detestable Davis Aurini to refer to left-wingers as "rabbits," I took the time to go through the essay in question line by line. The results of my study was that Aurini is a complete idiot who strings together groundless, often incoherent assertions into meandering, nonsensical "arguments" and upon completing one of his ravings, masturbates himself to his delusions of his brilliance.

By the end of reading his garbage I was too tired to really think about the Latin statement he concluded with, which was "Deus Vult."  About a week later I decided to look it up:
“Deus Vult” (“God wills it” in Latin) was a battle cry called out by Crusaders at the declaration of the First Crusade in 1095. Online, the historical phrase has gained popularity among fans of the strategy video game series Crusader Kings, as well as thealt-right camp on Reddit’s /r/The_Donald and 4chan’s /pol/ (politically incorrect) board, typically in the context of discussions relating to Islamic extremism and the moe anthropomorphized character Christ-chan. The phrase can be seen as the Christian equivalent of “Allahu Akhbar”, an Islamic Arabic expression that is most well-known as the battle cry of Jihadhists in Western cultures.
Isn't that special! The Christian lunk-heads have their own version of the battle cry of their Islamic enemies!

It was almost worth posting about!

But I refrained from another post about Aurini until the wonderful David Futrelle informed his readers about Aurini's absurdly bad attempt to film himself and other "alt-right" (read: "racist") losers as if they were Tarantino-esque bad-asses. Specifically, Aurini tries to imitate the credit sequence of "Reservoir Dogs" wherein the actors playing the criminals walk towards the camera and their names appear in front of them during close-ups as the song "Little Green Bag" plays.

Futrelle and his readers are all quick to point out that Quentin Tarantino is the political opposite of these losers. He supports Black Lives Matter's campaign against racist police brutality and he fucking hates Nazis.

All true. As well as the fact that four dumpy guys in non-descript clothing, plodding down the street pretending to be tough guys is mega-embarrassing when they're all around the age of thirty and not sixteen.

"Film-maker" Davis Aurini manages to appear in one of the scenes when the camera is mounted on a tripod. For the rest of it, this complete fucking moron is absent, being behind the camera. Quentin Tarantino is widely hailed as a film genius for coming up with the astonishingly original idea of having someone else filming while he's acting in front of the camera. And he came up with the master stroke in the 1990's, so there's no reason for Aurini to display himself as such an incompetent shit-head.

Aurini, the "film-maker" also hasn't mastered the arcane secrets of putting titles over-top of moving film. To display the names of the dumpy alt-right racist loser dweebs in this travesty, he resorts to inserting stills of them with their names displayed.

My god! This was a embarrassingly childish concept to dream up in the first place. And it's a "homage" to a director who would loathe everything its participants stand for. But to top it all off, it's execution is shockingly, laughably horrendous.

To think that this waste of sperm considers himself an "intellectual."

"Intelligence" is an invented concept. We can't really measure it since we don't really know what it is. And some people can be really "intelligent" in some areas and not so in others. But sometimes, there's enough evidence and general patterns of behaviour for us to know when someone is STUPID. Aurini is one such case. Too stupid to know he's stupid. So stupid that he think's he's smart. But he's really just stupid.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Positive Proposals

Just saying that since I've stopped blogging on a regular basis, and have relegated myself to merely reading and observing, I've not noticed much in the way of positive, world-changing proposals coming out of the Left-wing. Instead I'm seeing lots and lots of descriptions:

  • Donald Trump is a monster and we have to vote for Hillary Clinton
  • Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both monsters and we shouldn't vote for either of them
  • The war in Syria is a catastrophe
  • The USA has fucked-up the Middle East
  • We've passed the point of no return for global warming
  • Black Lives Matter vs the police and revolting media shills like Sean Hannity
  • Anti-fracking protesters under corporate and government assault
  • New trade deals are horrible corporation-empowering travesties
  • Israel is acting abominably (as usual)
  • Justin Trudeau's Liberals slobbering over war criminal Henry Kissinger
  • stephen harper got a new job as Assistant-Shit-Licker-In-Chief at some corporate law firm

And etc., etc., There are some hints of positive thinking and acting among the Left: There was the Bernie Sanders insurgency (which more and more I'm thinking was a Pied Piper scam from the start) and stated aims to vote Green Party USA and thereby reject the corporate duopoly.  This is also seen in the support for Jeremy Corbyn and the left-wing resurgence in the British Labour Party, mirrored in a small way by the "Momentum" grouplet in Canada which (together with other undercurrents) has produced such charming moments as when Tom Mulcair confidently claimed the title of "socialist" for the NDP only a few short years after he strove mightily to fulfil Jack Layton's desire to have that "divisive" word removed from the party's constitution.

"Black Lives Matter" and "Idle No More" are pushing for positive things too. Besides demanding the end of their systemic abuse, they're demanding policies that will make their lives better. Just HOW they'll achieve their aims is a complete mystery. Blacks in the USA and First Nations here in Canada are political minorities; electorally insignificant in the case of the First Nations and, for the USA, those places where Blacks are not insignificant, the Repugnicans have implemented voting laws and other policies to steal their votes from them. Their demands are generally ignored by the mainstream media. And they are physically abused (even murdered) with near-impunity by the forces of the state.

Let's say that Jeremy Corbyn wins power as the head of a majority Labour government. What then? He's already under constant assault from Blair-ites in his own party. He'll have the right-wing fascist tabloids whipping up their moronic readerships into frenzies over refugees, taxation, single-mothers and terrorism. The whole slurry of incoherent hateful delusions will be constantly referred to. The capitalists will work mightily to sabotage him and blame their own deliberate economic damage to his 1960's social-democratic platform.

By which I mean that the same forces that destroyed the great postwar compromise of 1945-1970 will destroy any attempt to return to that compromise in 2016. The power imbalances that existed then are even more lop-sidedly in favour of the forces of destruction now.

Nobody is articulating any serious means by which to attack this power imbalance. Nobody is articulating any coherent revolutionary plan. (You know; like "Workers As Citizens.") Instead we're all content to run on that hamster wheel talking about Israel and police brutality and neo-liberal corruption to ours, and our specie's, dying days.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Obama Fan

So on FaceBook there was a meme with all the leading figures of the bush II regime pictured besides a list of their several crimes including torture and illegal wars of aggression. It was posted in a group someone had hooked me up to so I didn't know many of the people posting.

Three comments about the evil, perfidious Repugnicans and how they should be forced to pay for what they did.

I posted "I prefer to look forward, not backwards."

Some youngster liberal posted "Da - what??"

I said "I'm quoting Barack Obama."

The liberal said I was probably quoting him "maybe out of context or in a sense of "back to business". He's not trivializing nor should anyone".

I said "That's the worst response you could have given. Give your head a shake."

He posted: "Da -what?" Then followed this with:
I am saying he wasn't trivializing it. He is NOT SAYING that it should be ignored, nor forgiven and forgotten.

How does refusing to investigate and prosecute crimes against humanity get a pass? How does one "get back to business" after crimes such as war and torture? (In reality of course, Obama got "back to business" by engaging in more war crimes and other atrocities. But that would be too much for the wittle pwogwessive wibowull to even begin to process.)

Right now I'm remembering how beleagured Bernie Sanders chumps shouted "No more war!" at the 2016 convention only to be drowned-out by Hillarybot scum shouting "USA! USA!"

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Rob Ford Fan

At work it's mostly all immigrants. West Indians and South Asians mainly. But lots of Jamaicans, Arabs, Africans too. Whites are definitely in the minority on the shop floor. It's a lot of fun. Young women from India innocently flirting with young Jamaican men. Chinese and Indian people speaking Hindi to each other. Comments about one another's cultures that have none of the venom of majority population racism.

We're not colour-blind. I'm "the hard-working white guy." If we're referring to someone who is Black, we say "the Black lady" or "the Egyptian guy" so newcomers to the place know who we're referring to.

Anyhow, one day I found myself working with one of the other white people there. An older woman who's been there for over thirty years. I'd seen her in the lunch-room reading the Toronto Sun. We talked as we worked. She's completely bought into the Sun's pathological hatred of Justin Trudeau. (I don't like Trudeau, but for different reasons.) She referred mockingly to his obnoxious selfies and the reports about the Chinese girls swooning for him at the G20 conference.

Out of nowhere she says "I miss Rob Ford."

I laugh and ask her why.

She says "Everyone liked him."

I replied: "I didn't. He ruined public transportation. He said he could $3 billion in gravy. He guaranteed he could do it without cutting services. Then he cut bus routes; talked about closing libraries. He was a total hypocrite about drugs and gangs."

I stopped myself before I ended up preaching. She, of course, had nothing to say. Her affection for Rob Ford wasn't based on any coherent understanding of his "policies" or their consequences. He was just a regular shlub. He wasn't slick. He spoke in ways people like her understand.

We work in silence for a few moments then her face twists into a snarl and she snaps: "I can't believe we've got 6 hours still to go!"

To me, this outburst was a reflex. An outlet for her frustration at hearing her beloved, dearly departed Rob Ford being criticized with damning (and damnable) facts. I don't think it was directed at me. She's too nice and polite for that.  It was just inarticulate rage.

Later, during one of the breaks, she pointed to a story in the Sun about some activists trying to get air-shows banned because they traumatize immigrants and refugees from war-torn countries. She sneered about immigrants being "upset." I said "traumatized." She said "Yeah, 'traumatized'" with the same level of contempt.

Not the slightest bit of empathy or any attempt to understand how maybe having your home destroyed and loved-ones killed by one of those deafening abominations might actually be traumatic and that the suffering caused by hearing the death-bringer again might be more important that the thrill of spectators.

You know, I honestly believe that Rob Ford genuinely cared about people who were right in front of him. Aside from his homophobia, I don't think he really hated any group of people. But he could not grasp abstract principles and he was too lazy and stupid to really figure out how things worked. And he could be the most caring person in the world one second and then a callous, boorish bully the next.

Such people should be able to vote. But there need to be filters in place so that they don't run for office. They shouldn't be pandered to. They can choose to vote for an "intelligent" (or at least non-Rob Ford/Donald Trump) sort of "conservative" candidate or they can stay home.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Jason Kenney

So, Jason Kenney had the luxury afforded by a six-figure income, to ponder at his leisure about a move to Alberta provincial politics. Ostensibly he was going to "unite the right" against the upstart Alberta NDP government of Rachael Notley.

Only things haven't turned out that way. Jason Kenney is a Catholic social conservative whose views are, perhaps informed by his being (perhaps) a self-hating, closeted homosexual. (I only mention this to convey the intensity of his social conservatism.) As a social conservative, he will be far to the right of the values of the Alberta PC's, who were much more interested in a "fiscal conservatism" of the greedy, earth-destroying, money-grubbing oil pimps who ran that party. So he's not really welcome there and he won't really bring them into the fold.

Kenney appeals more to the version of "conservatism" practised by Wild Rose Party. (This "conservatism" involves sending threats of rape and murder to female politicians they don't like, with the leadership offering milder barbs about how it's illegal to beat them up.)

But the Wild Rose Party already has a leader and he has no plans of stepping aside from his little fiefdom and the party grass-roots has no desire to merge with the Alberta PC's.

So, in other words, there's really no place for Jason Kenney in Alberta politics. The Alberta PC's don't want him because they don't like him. And the Wild Rose sorta likes him, but not that much, and they don't want to be re-absorbed by the rump PC's.

Only Kenney's arrogance and stupidity prevented him from anticipating this reality. So now he's driving around the backroads of Alberta hoping people will take him in for the night and give him a meal. After all, he's only making something like $170,000 a year. (For a job he's not doing because he's campaigning in Alberta.)

And don't just nod your head and agree with me. Try to think about how stupid Kenney must be to have done something so stupid. And remember that stephen harper endorsed him. Because stephen harper is not a smart man. Despite what some people say.

These people are turds. Stupid turds.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

harper Retires

stephen harper recorded a video of himself announcing his retirement from politics and posted it on social media. No questions. No having to face other humans. All tightly controlled.

It was consistent with the overall pattern of cowardice that marked his career. harper did not like having to face other human beings. he liked to utter brazen lies and ignore questions. Whenever things got to hot he'd find a photo-op or a trip overseas where he could hide from troubling enquiries.

This cowardice was a survival mechanism. Contrary to what some observers have tried to assert, stephen harper was not an intelligent man. Difficult questions would expose the truth that he half-believed his own stupid lies or that he had no clue what he was talking about.

A sad, contemptible man.