Saturday, October 3, 2015

In the glory days of the welfare state, Conservatives offered programs to people and promised that a pro-business party would run them more effectively than any other party. Ignorant yahoos couldn't get near the reins of power. And, as voters, they were not pandered to.
Since the 1960's however, it was felt (by elites) that democracy was getting out of hand. It was put forward that the welfare state was sinking under its own weight. So, no more public welfare programs.
With the demise of the Soviet Union, coinciding with the propaganda campaign against the "excesses" of the welfare state, it was decided that any pretence about government responsibility (or even ability) to promote the public welfare should be abandoned.
Now that they have literally nothing to offer the majority, we see Conservatives employing racism and other forms of scape-goating, to mobilize their voter base. "White culture is under attack!" "Christianity is under attack!" "The Family is under attack!" "Crime is out of control!" "Terrorists are coming to get you!" "Global Warming is a socialist plot to steal your money and your freedom!"
That's all they've got. And it appears to be enough. Likewise, the best people to spew this drivel are ignorant yahoos and scum-bags like Paul Calandra, Pierre Poilievre, Rob Ford, or towering slab of rancid mediocrity, Stephen Harper.
What really takes the cake is when these "Conservatives" (both the voters and the leaders) turn out to contain a relatively higher level of drug-abusing, violent criminal chicken-hawks than the rest of the population. Whether its KKK leaders found in bed with black male prostitutes, or Rahim Jaffer found with cocaine in his car, or Rob Ford (who needs no introduction), or Stephen "run for the closet" Harper who has teenaged girls passing out drunk in his driveway.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

And the Hypocritical, Self-Righteous Asshole Award Goes To ....


I've been going to MoS's blog fairly regularly since I posted this about him. I used to go because I admired his thinking, but now I've gone to look in the same sort of morbid way that people slow down to look at car accidents. I want to see how he'll disgrace himself with each new post about Mulcair and the NDP. Believe me, there have been several occasions when I was tempted to comment, either over there or here, but I restrained myself. Out of respect for past work I suppose.

That latest post of his about Mulcair isn't even the worst, but it is certainly the stupidest and the most hypocritical.
Harper's poll numbers are rebounding and so, in the full tradition of the Great Layton, Mulcair is focusing the NDP's efforts on attacking Trudeau.
I am not a fan of Tom Mulcair. I've been critical of Mulcair going after Trudeau. I genuinely want harper gone. Whether it's an NDP-led coalition or a Liberal-led coalition. And I despise the Liberal Party. I just believe that our parliamentary system is something to build on. There are limited controls over just how badly our elites can fuck us over when there's limited democracy, legislative oversight and some degree of respect for the law. My hatred of the Liberal Party is based on the argument that they're identical to the putrid US Democrats. Too many of their front-bench are pro-corporate, imperialist stooges. But I will vote for a Liberal to get rid of harper, because the Liberals have a better track record of not shitting all over the basic fundamentals of our pseudo-democracy.

But what's behind MoS's loathing of Mulcair and the NDP? That Mulcair has campaigned against Trudeau? Is it even a question in this partisan idiot's brain as to whether Trudeau has attacked Mulcair? Because he has. BOTH parties are guilty of this stupid bullshit. But MoS either wants to pretend that only Mulcair is the evil scorpion doing what scorpions do because he's deluded, or because he's a cynical, hypocritical, partisan hack.

Such transparent bullshit should be beneath him. But partisan sickness has devoured his brain.

What's that you say? MoS is not a Liberal. He's a "Disaffected Liberal"? He supports the Green Party of Canada. Because the environment is all-important, the Liberals under everyone since Martin have been disgusting and he couldn't take it anymore. As I said before though, you can take the boy out of the Liberal Party but you apparently can't take the Liberal Party out of the boy. Sure, he's a Greenie. But the Liberal Party of Canada is like an old girlfriend for whom he still has fond memories. (God help us all if he were still a Liberal supporter. Can you imagine his apoplectic rage against Mulcair targeting Trudeau then??? Thank the Lard that he's a Greenie!)

In a pathetic moment, MoS tries to dispel his own possible complicity in helping give stephen harper another seat in this close race for power.
How I cast my vote on October 19th is irrelevant, utterly inconsequential, especially in contrast to what Mulcair is doing to aid and abet Stephen Harper's bid to cling to power. 
You know, there are valid criticisms of strategic voting. 1. It's been twisted and abused to mean: "Vote only for our party." 2. It might not be effective. 3. It's a demeaning way to vote. We should vote for what we want, not against what we don't want. 4. That supporters of a third (or fourth) party might not vote for the leading anti-harperite before they'd vote for harper or any other candidate.

I could go on.

But one thing you can't deny is the math. You can't deny that in a race with a harpercon, where the harpercon has 30,000 votes, and the NDP has 29,600 votes, and the Liberals have 10,000 votes and the Greens have 401 votes, that the anti-harper opposition divided its votes and allowed the harpercon to win. That if they'd all voted for the one biggest contender, the harpercon would have lost. It's simple addition.

So, I'm sorry MoS, but while I'm happy that you no longer accuse those of us choosing to vote Liberal or NDP as being complete moral failures and, indeed, of being nazi slave owners, because of your deranged partisan bullshit, I (who would ordinarily grant you your right to vote for a Quixotic fourth party candidate with good grace) cannot excuse you if your self-righteous, self-centred choice ends up helping to allow a harpercon to win that seat.

You'll have to own your complicity with helping stephen harper advance to victory like all the rest of us pathetic shit-heads.
 It's what the NDP did to Martin. It's what they did to Ignatieff. And now it's Mulcair's turn to do the same goddamned thing to the Trudeau Liberals.
Fuck you, you psychopath.


And he sinks even lower into his own abyss. In response to a second poster who points out that Trudeau has also attacked Mulcair, the Mound of Sound fucking LIES and says:
Trudeau is attacking Harper. Mulcair is attacking Trudeau. One of these men is helping Harper. Sorry, Ben, but Trudeau's vote on C-51 doesn't bear on campaign tactics, especially not with Harper's fortunes rebounding. There's not one piece of legislation that Trudeau was instrumental in passing given Harper's majority.
If we hadn't seen this very sort of thing from the NDP in every election since Martin was ousted I might see this differently but probably not. However that's not what has happened and Stephen Harper has been the ultimate beneficiary first springboarding off Layton to come to power and then to majority.
Tiresome asshat "Scotian" pipes up too, blathering on about "dippers" but I can't be bothered to read the deluded, self-righteous, idiotic bullshit from that idiot anymore.

As I've said, I'm going to vote Liberal in my area. Because that's what a patriot, or, rather, someone who wants to improve his country and who puts his country before partisanship, will do. But I am sick almost unto fucking death of this rancid bullshit from Liberal partisan fucks.

Your great hero Paul Martin was a complete fucking asshole. He was venal scum, screwing the poor and benefiting the wealthy. He deserved to be defeated and he LOST the 2006 election because of his own miserable record and his own incompetence. I am so tired of your self-pitying bullshit about Layton and harper being buddies.

You're a fucking liar Mound of Sound. A shameless liar and a shameless hack.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Polls Have Canadian Voters Popping Around In A Tiny Pinball Machine

First, harper's struggling, Mulcair has the lead, Liberals are in third-place territory.
Then, the Duffy Scandal, Earl Cowan's outburst, and the Syrian refugee tragedy, and harper's on the ropes, Mulcair surges and Trudeau is stagnant.
Then, in mutual bickering, Mulcair begins to attack Trudeau from the right. Trudeau gains. harper gains from the diversion.
Then, harper finds his racist mojo. Trudeau starts talking like a leftist. Mulcair's boyish crush on Margaret Thatcher, idiotic Zionism and unpopular (but principled) stance on niqabs keeps him down in third place.

The gyrations are pretty small. This is a tight, three-way race, which in our archaic electoral system, could even produce a harper majority. Especially with Green Party self-righteous fanatics acting as spoilers across the country.

What I'd like to know, is how could those people who now like harper have also been the people who were disgusted with him only a couple of weeks ago?

[I'd also like to know why Dr. Dawg continues to interact with the villainous scum, Peter 1, Jay Currie, and that pretentious vile "K" thing. Doesn't he have a happy, off-line life? What's the point of debating with serial liars and racists like that for, what? over ten years now???]

Sunday, September 27, 2015

harper Defends Saudi Arms Deal ...

NOTE: I wish I knew html. Then I could edit the bizarre formatting that blogger has introduced for reasons known only to itself.

Supposedly the geniuses at the heights of the Canadian political edifice don't think that human rights are a winning issue in Canada. That's why nobody really bothers to try to press the harpercons (or past Liberal administrations) about our fairly noxious record. Then, for a few days, surprise surprise, Canadians become outraged at the news of fleeing refugees drowning enmasse in the Mediterranean, and there's a bit of a blip. Then it's forgotten, because, polls show that Canadians are mainly concerned with "the economy" (which is to say, with their personal well-being). (Whereupon which all the parties peddle the same neo-liberal bullshit that's got us so completely fucked.) 

Personally I think what is wrong with this thinking is that it's the same empty-headed, self-fulfilling prophecies of all those "political experts" in the UK who declare Jeremy Corbyn as "unelectable" after they've lost election after election.

I wish there was more of a moral compass in this country. Take, for instance, our evil abuse of the First Nations, year after year, decade after decade. Under Conservatives and Liberals. After fucking the whole country over for around a decade, perhaps Paul Martin thought his Kelowna Accord would be some sort of personal legacy. We'll never know, because when Jack Layton asked him to stop destroying Canada's public health care system, Paul Martin refused. Martin was defeated and then lost the subsequent election all on his own due to his record of dithering and fall-out from AdScam.

The NDP's Charlie Angus and Niki Ashton are good on First Nations, but NDP governments in British Columbia show how deep such sentiments lie. They're good individuals, but politics is so corrupting that you can't depend upon anyone. Because this is a racist country. A capitalist (and therefore selfish and amoral) country.

Still and all, harper takes the prize for being the stinkiest piece of shit running down our collective leg. And I really think it would be easy to destroy Captain Closet if one really went at this issue with the intensity it deserved.

We have a $15 billion dollar sale of light armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia's internal security force. (Not its smaller national army.) Saudi Arabia is a gross human rights violator. A super-corrupt dictatorship that savagely oppresses half its population just for being female. (harper will fight against Muslim women in Canada who might even voluntarily wear veils or niqabs, but he will provide weapons to a country that FORCES women to wear them. Because he's a brainless idiot.) 

Actually, that last parenthetical statement? I feel I have to qualify it. harper is an idiot. But he's not literally "brainless." I'm pretty sure the hypocrisy of his war on the niqab in Canada and his support for the Saudi dictatorship has occurred to him. The thing is, he just doesn't care. Remember, harper ran for that closet the instant he heard the gunfire in the hallway. he abandoned a fellow Conservative who was in a wheelchair. he abandoned all his followers. Because he didn't care about them. he doesn't care about anything other than himself. The niqab is important to him because it is a useful wedge issue to drum up votes. If a woman in a niqab, or any woman in Canada, ran to a women's shelter from an abusive husband, harper's contribution would have been to have cut the shelters funding or whatever federal contribution ever went to victims of domestic violence.

Anyways, while he was on the campaign trail recently, a young woman asked him about the $15 billion deal with the detestable Saudi regime. Was he putting Canadian jobs ahead of human rights concerns. His reply:
Well look. um, as I've said in the debate, um, it has been, it's frankly, all of our partners and allies were pursuing that contract. Not just Canada. So this is ah, this is, you know, ah, a deal with a country that frankly, notwithstanding its human rights violations, which are significant, this is a contract with a country that is an ally against the Islamic state, a contract that any one of our allies would have signed. It is the largest contract in Canadian history. Some 3,000 direct jobs in the London area, and look, we expressed our outrage, our disagreement from time to time with the government of Saudi Arabia for their treatment of human rights, but I don't think it makes any sense to pull a contract in a way that would only punish Canadian workers instead of actually expressing our outrage against some of these things in Saudi Arabia.

Vile, evil, stinking bullshit from start to finish. The product of a selfish sociopath who also happens to be a mental mediocrity. Let's parse it, shall we?

"All of our partners and allies were pursuing that contract."

Absolutely irrelevant.

"Notwithstanding its human rights violations, which are significant ..."

What the fuck does THAT mean you cretin? "Yeah, okay, my fishing buddy is a serial child molester, sure, no question ..."  I mean, WTF??? How do you get a pass for such a "notwithstanding"???

"is an ally against the Islamic State."

Well, an honest look at the situation would tell you that Saudi Arabia is also an ALLY of the Islamic State. The latest enemy in the GBWT, And, besides, as the Tyee article shows, these carriers are for domestic suppression and NOT for the Saudi army to use in fighting foreign threats.

"A contract that any one of our allies would have signed."

1. Just goes to show how scummy our allies are.
2. If your allies jumped off a cliff, would you follow them??????

"The largest contract in Canadian history."


"3,000 direct jobs."

So, $15 billion for a mere 3,000 jobs. And we help prop-up a misogynist dictatorship that exports terror around the world? Considering the way that harper likes to flush our tax dollars down rat-holes and corruption, $15 is a drop in the bucket. I'd rather our government spent that money itself and gave out contracts for humanitarian purposes, like building transport helicopters to bring emergency relief to remote places; more efficient wind turbines, infrastructure for electric cars, mass transit, ... anything other that the blood-soaked dollars of the Saudi monsters to suppress their own people.

And all the rest of the shit. "We express our outrage from time-to-time." What utter, empty cynical bullshit. "Why do something like not give them weapons when we could ACTUALLY express our outrage against SOME OF THESE THINGS in Saudi Arabia?"

How do we "actually express our outrage" while at the same time contributing to their ability to commit them?

And then, in the last portions of his reply, you can hear his drooling, slobbering army of Earl Cowans begin to clap. It would be poetic justice if any of these ignorant, self-centered pieces of shit found themselves being tortured by a Canadian government that was getting all sorts of weapons and advice from other countries around the world. Then, maybe, just maybe, they'd think of all the poor victims of the monstrous House of Saud being oppressed and tortured and murdered with tools purchased from Canada and its other scum-bag allies.

Not that I want that to happen to these walking, talking farts. Besides, they're all so ignorant, lazy and stupid, that these thoughts don't enter their empty heads while they're relaxed and comfortable with full bellies. They'd be (justifiably) incapable of thinking about other people if they found themselves in a torture chamber.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Seventy Reasons to Hate stephen harper

So, the Tyee has a pdf document that describes 70 of stephen harper's crimes against Canadian democracy. A small sampling:
Harper Found in Contempt of ParliamentFor refusing to disclose information on the costing of programs to Parliament, which Parliament was entitled to receive, the Harper government became the first in Canadian history to be found in contempt of Parliament.
Against Court Order, Refusal to Share Budget InfoEven though it lost a court case and was ordered to comply, the Harper government nevertheless refused to share 170 times reasons and impacts for cuts with Canada's independent budget watchdog, mocking Parliament's right to control the public purse.
Conservative Cabinet Staffers Granted Immunity from TestimonyA PMO edict absolved political staffers from ever having to testify before parliamentary committees.
Conservatives Falsify Reports and DocumentsAmong documents deliberately altered in the writing or the quoting by the government:CIDA document by Bev Oda's office on Kairos; the Senate Committee Report on the Duffy affair; a report by former auditor general Sheila Fraser on financial management.
Repeated Duplicity in Afghan Detainees ControversyAmong the abuses: Parliament was misled and denied documents. An inquiry was shut down. Tories attempted to discredit diplomat Richard Colvin whose testimony diverted from the government's line.
And yet, and yet, ... neither the NDP, the Liberals or the Greens appear to see harper as a threat greater than any other political party. Certainly they don't see what harper has done to Canada as being as important as their own fantasies of their partisan self-interest. What we have now is a tight, three-way race, with the Greens happy to act as spoilers in a number of areas. Why should there even be a RISK of another harper government?

I understand why people might be Liberal or Green or NDP. I've been an occasional NDP member myself. I get it. The NDP ran against the Liberals for so many years in the past because they believed they had something better than what the Liberals did. I understand why most Greens think it's vitally important that they run candidates everywhere.

But there should have been an agreement to get rid of harper a LONG time ago. Because as idiotic as our political culture can get, stephen harper is a menace to our stumbling progress to date. Picture that loathsome alcoholic, drug-addled Mayor Rob Ford in the middle of his mayoralty. Waking up hungover, head-pounding, nauseous. Vaguely ashamed. Driving around intoxicated. Slobbering sexist slurs. Racist tirades. Stupidity. Laziness. Ignorance. Stupidity.

That's the "Conservative" political bowel-movement personified. And harper is the untelegenic, cowardly, stupid, lying front-man for corporate Canada, who use the drooling imbecile demographic to control one-quarter of the voters in this country, giving them a realistic enough base to steal one election after another.

But by all means fuck-heads, engage in yet another election contest with these cheaters and fraudsters as if the Conservatives are just another political party and this is just another run-of-the-mill election.


Friday, September 25, 2015

Speak Out For What You Believe In

Speak out against racists trying to trash refugees or force Muslim women out of niqabs. Speak out against racist ignoramuses trying to insult the First Nations. Stand up for trade unions. Stand up for the environment. Stand up for peace.

The ONLY way we will take back the narrative from the "Ford Nations/Donald Trump/stephen harpercons" is to be loud and proud about what we believe in.